The UB “Thermal Pump” Brewing

“Thermal Pump” brewing technology offers the most energy efficient line of commercial coffee makers available today.

  • Energy savings of up to 68% over traditional “tank” brewing units.
  • 100 cup per hour capacity in a standard 120 Volt brewers with no special wiring.
  • No “short pots” from the heater being on all the time.
  • Easy to clean and de-lime in the field for longer life and lower service costs.


Model: UB/RX-360

  • Three warmer plates brewer style
  • Model    UB/RX360
  • Electrical    120 V, 1750 W
  • Weight    29 lbs
  • Height    17.0 inches
  • Width    13.75 inches
  • Length    16.5 inches

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